Wood Stabilizer has just added another 70 plus knife handle blanks to their Stabilized Wood store.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll find there.


After months of extensive research, Mike and Christina from Vedder Mountain Hardwoods will now be offering Acrylic Stabilized Wood

Their stabilizing system setup is being overseen by a worldwide leader in acrylics and is being tested by one of their senior technical engineers to ensure they are providing the best acrylic stabilized wood product possible.

Stabilized wood is resistant to uv light, moisture, temperature and humidity changes, it won’t shrink, swell or crack, the grain won’t lift and the finish won’t wear off.  Finishing stabilized wood is easy… all you have to do is polish and buff it to bring out a lustrous shine.

This wood is  suitable for knife handles, knife scales, pistol grips, pen turning, pool cues, reel seats and butts and a number of other applications.

Check out their new site at www.woodstabilizer.com

A while back we blogged about A new woodworking community call Show your Wood.  The site now has a woodworkers forum where you can have your say about anything wood related.  There’s even an area for trading wood and selling your tools.  If you’re into woodworking of any sort, it’s worth checking out.

If you’re looking for a place to showcase your woodworking talents, check out Show Your Wood! It’s a free community woodworking site where you can ask questions, share ideas and techniques and connect with other wood workers.


You no longer have to be a computer pro to have your own website or blog.  Show Your Wood! makes it easy with their video tutorials and they also have over 100 design themes to choose from.  So, what are you waiting for? Get Your Free Blog Now! and join this growing woodworking community.

Alder is a standard body wood for solid body guitars and and basses, and is one of the most popular because of its light weight, balanced tonal response and good resonance. It is the most common body wood used by Fender and is found in most stratocasters. While Alder is known for great Blues and Rock tones, it is very flexible, making for a very adaptable guitar that can fit most musical styles.

The guitar in this video has an alder body that exudes warm, midrange tones while the quilted maple top not only looks great but adds some bright articulation. The perfect balance!

If you’re in the market for a great quality alder guitar body blank, check out Vedder Mountain Hardwoods. They have a good supply in stock of both one piece blanks for $65.00 and two piece blanks for $45.00 to $55.00.

This video gives you a really good example of the sound you can expect from an alder body. Enjoy!

If you’re looking for an affordable mini lathe for turning pens or bottle stoppers, I came across this awesome sale. Rockler has a great little lathe in their clearance center for $99. while supplies last.  I checked out the shipping and it’s pretty reasonable at $11.95 to the USA.    

Wilton 99177 Mini Wood Lathe, Internet Only, While Supplies Last!
Woodworkers of all skill levels will love this compact, capable lathe. It’s perfect for turning a wide variety of smaller projects, including pens, pencils, small bowls, and spindles up to 12” long. Plus, it packs plenty of power (2/5 HP, 2.3 amps) and stows easily anywhere in your shop. Additional #1 Morse Taper available (27050)  

Wilton 99177 Mini Wood Lathe, Internet Only, While Supplies Last!

Wilton 99177 Mini Wood Lathe, Internet Only, While Supplies Last!

If you’re looking for a quality cedar acoustic guitar top, check out Vedder Mountain Hardwoods . They’ve just listed several really nice sets on their website with good pictures and affordable prices.

Here’s a bit of a preview from their site. Be sure to check it out. It’s full of interesting information on woodworking.

Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) from Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Western Red Cedar has long been used as a soundboard material by classical guitar makers for its vibrance and clarity of sound. It’s extremely light weight compared to spruce, and the tonal result is a slightly louder, more open response. An interesting characteristic of Red Cedar is that it sounds broken in, even when it’s new.

When looking to purchase a soundboard for your acoustic guitar, here are a few terms you should be familiar with.

The first is RUNOUT. Runout refers to the fact that the orientation of the wood fiber over the length of the guitar top is not running parallel to the edge of the guitar top. It is often caused by a twist to the growth pattern of the tree. When severe, runout causes the wood fibers to be shorter over the length of the guitar top, and over time can weaken the structural integrity of the top. It’s best to avoid purchasing guitar tops with runout.

The second term to be familiar with is Grain Orientation. Your acoustic guitar tops should be quarter sawn to no more than 12 to 15 degrees off perfect quarter. The grain should be straight and run parallel to the edges of the guitar top.

There are many reasons to select a perfectly quarter sawn acoustic guitar top. Here’s a few of them…

Perfectly quarter sawn wood is generally stiffer, stronger and more resilient which helps maintain the structural integrity of the guitar. It’s the stiffness of the wood that makes the instrument less likely to deform under the pressure exerted from the strings.
It’s said that because of its stiffness, perfectly quarter sawn wood tends to have a crisper more responsive tone.
The appearance of quarter sawn wood is also very important. When a top is perfectly quartered it will reveal the medullar rays that run at right angles to the grain (which is often called silking) and have a luminous, reflective quality to their appearance.

I’ve also captured a picture of one of the sets
Western Red Cedar Acoustic Guitar Tops Set Tonewood