Alder is a standard body wood for solid body guitars and and basses, and is one of the most popular because of its light weight, balanced tonal response and good resonance. It is the most common body wood used by Fender and is found in most stratocasters. While Alder is known for great Blues and Rock tones, it is very flexible, making for a very adaptable guitar that can fit most musical styles.

The guitar in this video has an alder body that exudes warm, midrange tones while the quilted maple top not only looks great but adds some bright articulation. The perfect balance!

If you’re in the market for a great quality alder guitar body blank, check out Vedder Mountain Hardwoods. They have a good supply in stock of both one piece blanks for $65.00 and two piece blanks for $45.00 to $55.00.

This video gives you a really good example of the sound you can expect from an alder body. Enjoy!