Wood Stabilizer has just added another 70 plus knife handle blanks to their Stabilized Wood store.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll find there.


After months of extensive research, Mike and Christina from Vedder Mountain Hardwoods will now be offering Acrylic Stabilized Wood

Their stabilizing system setup is being overseen by a worldwide leader in acrylics and is being tested by one of their senior technical engineers to ensure they are providing the best acrylic stabilized wood product possible.

Stabilized wood is resistant to uv light, moisture, temperature and humidity changes, it won’t shrink, swell or crack, the grain won’t lift and the finish won’t wear off.  Finishing stabilized wood is easy… all you have to do is polish and buff it to bring out a lustrous shine.

This wood is  suitable for knife handles, knife scales, pistol grips, pen turning, pool cues, reel seats and butts and a number of other applications.

Check out their new site at

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