The Tormek wet stone sharpening system is known for it’s high quality and the Tormek TNT-708 woodturners kit is no exception.

This kit includes a 120 minute DVD by American turner Jeff Farris. This interactive guide is an integral part of the TNT-708 package. Each chapter features a detailed demonstration of how to get the best use of your sharpening system and covers a wide range of tools. It also comes with an instructional handbook by Torgny Jansson which is clearly illustrated and easy to follow.

Also included in this kit is a Turning Tool Setter for setting the geometries on gouges and skews. The tool setter makes sharpening your tools easier than ever. A Gouge and Cutter Jig for sharpening fingernail shaped bowl gouges and spindle gouges. The Profile Honing Wheel for honing the flutes. A Tool Rest with Torlock for sharpening scrapers, hollowing tools and thin parting tools. The Multi Jig for sharpening skews of any shape. And last but not least, a Machine Cover and Handy Box to store all the pieces.

Sharpening your tools with the Tormek TNT-708 tool sharpening system has never been easier. This video gives you a complete overview of the tool sharpening system.  

Wood turning is so much more enjoyable when you have sharp tools 🙂 Look for new and used Tormek Sharpening tools at Wood Turner Supply